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to show off your property.


A professional and exciting video of your property works hard to make the other properties on the selling and letting market look mundane. Our high quality videography skills will showcase your property in the best possible light, capturing its atmosphere and character by setting it to a unique and upbeat track from our fully licensed music library.

Using a top of the range mirrorless camera, our videographers can create Full HD videos with superb slow motion footage to really bring your property to life. Wide lenses are used to capture everything in the room and are alternated with tight lens shots to focus on specific standout features of your home. Seamless transitions between rooms are achieved with a professional grade motorised gimbal, allowing silky smooth shots throughout.

Drone footage is also used to capture an aerial view of your property, allowing prospective buyers or tenants to fully appreciate its size and location. These shots offer viewers the opportunity to truly witness the grandeur of a premium property.

The video is edited using premium editing software to ensure that the property is flawlessly captured. Graphics may be added to highlight the key features of the home, driving home its value.

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An Example Property Shoot

Take a look at some of our property videos we’ve taken…

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  • Chloe Hoptroff – Property Management, Prospect Estate Agency

    The quality of reports that EZ Property Reports produce is second to none and available for us to review instantly. The conclusion within check outs makes dealing with deposit returns so much easier with clear indications on who is responsible for what.

    My favourite feature within the system, is the fact that I can report on all the reports that have listed maintenance and compliance issues, ensuring I have raised all the work orders I need to.

  • Megan Casban – Acorn Property Management, Property Manager

    EZ have freed up time for us as a business and allowed us to concentrate on other areas, knowing that we have EZ Property Reports on hand to take care of our reports.

  • A Ball

    The downloadable report received after was also extremely thorough and a very useful reference point.

  • Chira Gavaghan

    I’ve worked with EZ for 3 years now and can honestly say the staff are very helpful and friendly all the time. Their reports are always thorough, extensive and easily readable compared to other reports I’ve seen/used by other companies. I can’t thank them enough for their assistance and will continue to use them. Thanks again EZ!

  • Jo Kay

    Having been a client of EZ Property Reports for several years I can highly recomend their inventory services. They manage to ensure that their reports are comprehensive yet easy to read which is a real help, I particularly like the conclusion clearly outlining the responsibilities of both landlord and tenant making it much easier to deal with deposit releases. The Health and Safety section on Check In also gives peace of mind that as a landlord my property is safe and compliant for new tenants, thank you EZ !

  • Chloe Reilly

    Highly recommend EZ property reports. The Inventory clerks are up to date with the latest legislation, the reports clearly outline condition from check in and check out, very user friendly and easy to read!

  • Robyn Emptage

    Highly recommend Ez Property reports - such an efficient and helpful team. Great attention to detail within the check in / out reports- with the added bonus of the maintenance section that they use, which for landlords, is really helpful.

    The EPC they completed for us recently was also carried out with their usual high standard of customer service.

  • Suzi Bowker

    Sarah and the team at EZ are great! Reliable, friendly and always on hand to help. I would strongly recommend for any inventory & check in requirements. Thank you for all your work so far!


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