Property management is certainly not an easy job, and there can be a lot to keep on top of.

Luckily, EZ Property Reports are here to support property managers in the process, with ARLA trained inventory clerks that can produce inventory and check in reports, midterm inspections and check out reports to a consistently high standard.

We spoke to Joanne Kay, who heads up the Property Management team at Prospect, to find out the biggest challenges she comes across whilst running a Property Management team and how EZ Property Reports have made this easier.

Using different Inventory companies can mean reporting standards will vary

Joanne: “During busy periods, you often have to use more than one company for inventory reports, which can mean that you lose consistency between reports. This is made more challenging by the fact that the standard of reports differs massively between inventory companies.

“However, with EZ, there is always a clerk available to complete a report. Each clerk is ARLA trained to a high standard, so on every EZ Property Report, the level of detail and the quality of images is second to none.”

Delays in the booking process

Joanne: “When we send a works orders to a contractor, it can be frustrating to have to wait for a response and sometimes having to chase to receive works in a certain time frame.

“With EZ Property Reports we have access to their online dashboard and can book the appointment in ourselves in less time than it would take to raise a work order!”

Property Inspections and the amount of work they generate

Joanne: “When managing a large department, it can be very time consuming to orchestrate hundreds of property inspections a month for our fully managed portfolio.

“Now, EZ take care of all our property reports. They write to our tenants in advance and the reports are received instantly. Since taking on EZ Property Reports to organise all the inspections, our Property Managers have had more time to concentrate on looking after our Landlords and tenants.”

Dealing with Maintenance

Joanne: “It is one of the most common complaints in the industry that maintenance once reported is not actioned quickly enough, or sometimes, not at all!

“However, the process that we follow with EZ Property Reports makes it impossible for maintenance to not be followed up after it is reported. The reports flag any maintenance or compliance issues on their report for our Property Manager to action.

“As a manager, I have been very impressed with the EZ Property Reports dashboard. Any reports that have flagged maintenance over a period of time to check that work orders have been raised and that our Landlord’s properties are compliant.”

The amount of time spent dealing with deposit deductions

Joanne: “Dealing with deposit deductions can be a lengthy process. Luckily, the handy conclusion at the start of EZ’s check out reports highlights all the tenant responsibilities, fair wear and tear and maintenance required which saves us so much time.”

Here at EZ, we take pride in how much we have been able to help Property Managers deal with day-to-day challenges with ease.

Joanne: “Customer Service is key at Prospect. We have built an excellent working relationship with EZ Property Reports and clients are constantly feeding back how professional, helpful, and reliable the Inventory clerks at EZ Property Reports are.”

Do these challenges sound familiar? Could EZ Property Reports help you to work more efficiently? Click here to find out more about our inventory and check in reports, midterm inspections and check out reports today.


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