Regular property inspections can be a lengthy process if you let out a lot of properties, but they are very important for building tenant relations, checking that your property is being kept in good condition and ensuring that tenancy rules are not being broken. Enlisting an external company like EZ Property Reports to carry out your midterm inspections can be hugely beneficial to your business.

We are still operating under national restrictions, with strict safety measures in place to protect our clients and staff. We ask that tenants open all internal and external doors to minimise required contact and leave the property whilst we carry out our swift yet thorough midterm inspections.

In addition to our strict safety measures and professionalism when operating under national restrictions, here’s just a few reasons why you should let our ARLA qualified clerks carry out your midterm inspections for you.

Saving you time

If you have a lot of properties, it can be difficult to find the time to carry out regular inspections yourself. It might not be feasible to complete the inspections as thoroughly as you would like, meaning some important details might be missed. Let EZ Property Reports carry out the inspections for you, saving you valuable time and improving your business.

Keeping you compliant

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are proven to be functioning correctly at the beginning of the tenancy. But how do you know that they are still working three to six months down the line? Our clerks will complete thorough testing of these alarms on your midterm inspections to ensure that your property remains compliant with safety regulations throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Catching early signs of damage

At each inspection, our clerks will come equipped with the property’s check in and inventory report to give them a clear idea of the condition of the property prior to the tenancy. Working off of our comprehensive inventory reports enables us to locate and photograph even the slightest signs of early damage in the property and ascertain if they should be categorised as fair wear and tear or if they are the result of neglect.

Our thorough checks of the kitchen and bathrooms, including special attention to the grouts and sealant, will flag up evidence of damp and condensation, whilst our checks of appliances, carpets and flooring, décor, garden and grounds and windows and doors allow us to spot potential water leaks, negligence or damage. From the check in report, we will be able to understand the level of cleanliness the landlord expects and can check that this is being adhered to.

In catching these early signs of damage, we are then able to raise the issues with the tenant and landlord so that they can be rectified before conditions worsen. This improves tenant and landlord relations as it reduces the risk of disputes at check out.

Checking that tenancy rules are being adhered to

Our clerks are trained to spot early signs of unauthorised pets, smoking and over occupancy in rental accommodation – however well tenants might try and hide it. By raising these issues with the landlord immediately, we allow you to take quick measures to prevent the issue from going any further. Without a midterm inspection, the damage caused by pets, smoking and over occupancy may only be discovered at the end of the tenancy, and by this time it might be more difficult to prove the tenant’s wrongdoing.

Keeping good relations with your tenants

Regular midterm inspections let your tenants know that their landlord cares about them – even if they are not carried out by the landlord themselves. In fact, we have found that tenants are more likely to be honest with us when we come to do their midterm inspections, as we are seen as an impartial third party. This means that issues may be raised by tenants and rectified before the conclusion of the tenancy.

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