Here at EZ Property Reports, the safety of our clients and staff is our biggest priority. Our clerks are stringently following government guidelines in order to safely carry out our property reports to the same high standard over the COVID lockdown.

All of our staff are required to wear a mask and gloves for the duration of their property reporting and sanitise their hands before and after their visit. Here is how we are carrying out our reports in order to keep everyone safe.

Check in

For our check in reports, we ask that only one tenant is present and keeps a safe distance from our clerk. Our clerk will work as quickly as possible to ensure only 10-15 minutes are spent in the property.

Check out

Check out reports often take longer than check ins as a full inspection is required. For this reason, we encourage that keys are left in an office so that we can pick them up without coming into contact with your tenants. We also ask that tenants can vacate if possible. If this is not an option, we ask that tenants remain in a separate room to our clerks for the entirety of their visit or wait outside.

When the clerk moves to the room that the tenants are waiting in, the tenants should move to an alternative room whilst adhering to two-metre social distancing rules.


Midterm inspections will still be going ahead during lockdown, providing that tenants are not isolating or showing symptoms of coronavirus. We are relying on full communication between property managers, landlords and tenants to ensure that we all remain safe.

Photography and Videography services

It is even more important now to get quality photos and videos of your property online so that potential buyers or tenants can get a clear idea of the property from the comfort of their own home. Our photographers and videographers will only ever enter your property with a mask and gloves which they will wear for the full duration of their visit, sanitising before and after and keeping a safe two metre distance throughout.

We are all in this together. If you have any queries or worries whatsoever please contact us.


If you need anymore information email us info@ezpropertyreports.co.uk or call us on 0118 907 8255

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