Here at EZ Property Reports, our booking team worked from home all throughout the first COVID lockdown to bring our clients the same top quality check in, check out and inventory reports that we are renowned for. However, we know that being homebased was a lot easier during the warm summer months, when the evenings were longer and there was the possibility of working from the garden. So, with a cold and dark winter ahead of us and uncertainty surrounding a second lockdown, we thought we would share a few tips and tricks we will be taking to ensure productivity and spirits remain high in the coming months.

Staying connected

Using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Whatsapp, we make sure we are in frequent contact with our team of clerks and with our clients. It does not quite beat face to face interaction, but it helps us to stay connected and keep up a working relationship.

Limiting social media usage

While it’s important to stay connected, it’s also important to minimise distractions by limiting your time on social media. Switch off notifications for certain apps and allocate set times for checking your messages to increase your focus on work.

LED bulbs

Not only are LED bulbs more energy efficient and long lasting, they have also been proven to boost mood and productivity. Swapping regular bulbs for LED ones will therefore save money and energy when spending long periods at home, whilst also keeping you alert and proactive throughout the day.

Treat yourself

A simple treat like your favourite speciality coffee, a cup of tea and a cake or just five minutes on your favourite social media app could be an ideal reward for completing a difficult task successfully. It also breaks up your day, gives you a target and a sense of achievement.

Getting outside

Rain or shine, we’ve been trying to keep up our summer routines. Even if this is just a lunchtime dog walk or a morning run to start the day, time spent outdoors helps you keep a clear head, especially during busy periods.

Getting active

We’ve been trying new ways to keep moving indoors, too. Whether this is some morning yoga, an evening Zumba class, a PT session or just a home workout, getting out of your office chair not only prevents stiff limbs but keeps you agile in mind and body.

Why not try some simple exercises to keep yourself moving throughout the day? This could be as easy as walking around the house as you take phone calls or holding meetings standing up. It will definitely get your steps up!

Creating a pleasant workspace

Setting aside a clear and organised workspace makes for a much happier working day, even if your desk does double up as the dining room table! As simple as it sounds, a desk plant can make a big difference to a working space, bringing colour and nature to brighten up the day whilst also cleaning the air around you. If possible, try to leave the room you are working in to unwind in the evening and differentiate between work and home life.

Looking the part

We encourage each other to get dressed each day, instead of working in pyjamas. It can be tempting to stay in your warm dressing gown but putting fresh clothes on as if you are going to work really you us ready to face the day.

Are your team all working from home? We’d love to hear how you are getting on. Our clerks are also able to complete your check in, check out and mid-term inspections for you, allowing your employees to stay safe inside. Contact us today or call us on 0118 907 8255.


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