Every landlord and property manager knows the importance of complying with safety requirements. Failure to do so can result in costly penalties and, in some cases, can be fatal. However, even with the best intentions, compliance issues can unfortunately be missed due to administrative errors or reporting failures.

At EZ Property Reports, our clerks will help you stay on top of safety regulations with regular and thorough reports that will ensure your property remains compliant. Rather than simply raising an issue in a report that can be filed away and forgotten about, we will flag any compliance issues on a dashboard so that no issue goes unrectified.

Here is a detailed overview of the thorough checks that we carry out on every property.

Fire safety

It is imperative to have a working fire alarm on every floor of the property. A carbon monoxide alarm is also a legal requirement if there is a solid fuel burning device in the property, such as an open fire, and the alarm should be located in the same room.

In our inventory reports, we will confirm that there is a compliant number of alarms in the property that are in working condition. At check in, we will test the alarms with the tenant as witness and acquire their signature to confirm this. It is important to test these alarms as, apart from being good practice, it will soon become a legal requirement for carbon monoxide alarms to be tested at the beginning of every new tenancy, and for faulty alarms to be replaced or repaired.

In line with the Fire and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations, it is essential that all upholstery components and composites used for furniture in the UK meet the specified ignition resistance levels and are suitably labelled. We will check all upholstered furniture in your property for the mandatory fire safety labels and flag if not found.

Though not compulsory, it is also recommended that open fires have suitable fire guards, and we will flag this as a suggestion.

Blind Regulations

Another crucial safety standard to adhere to is that of internal blinds. With over 33 fatalities involving blind cords occurring since 2001, stringent measures should be followed to ensure the blinds in your properties do not present such a hazard.

Our thorough inspection of internal blinds will make sure that the blinds comply with the Blind Cord Safety Regulations 2014. We will test the general function of internal blinds and check that they display the correct warnings and instructions. We will also determine that the cord or chain length ends at least 1.5 metres above the floor. A cleat hook can offer a simple solution for cords to be kept tidy and out of reach.

Electrical Fittings

We will visually report if any electric fitting appears to be faulty, such as a loose light switch or power point, a missing screw or exposed wires.

Fire safety

Our clerks will also notify landlords of loose steps or paving that could cause a risk or a frayed carpet edge, faulty carpet or flooring that could be a trip hazard.

All essential repairs must be carried out in accordance with The Fitness for Human Habitation Act (FFHH) 2018, which ensures safety standards and habitable living conditions in the letting industry, or else landlords could face a heavy fine. ARLA Propertymark reports that one Nottingham landlord faced a £24,000 fine for unlicensed properties found in disrepair.

Our regular reporting ensures that you will never miss a repair. To find out more about our property reports or to book in a report, call us on 0118 907 8255.


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