Vacant properties can be a huge bugbear for landlords, not only running the risk of vandalism, theft and squatters, but also mould, leaks and weather damage. However, they are sometimes unavoidable, and most landlords will have to deal with them at one point or another. Here are some top tips to give you peace of mind when you have a vacant property on the rental market.

Inform your insurance provider

If your property will be vacant for an extended period of time, you may need to contact your insurance provider to ensure that you are covered. Check the small print of your insurance contract to find out how long a property can be vacant for under your current insurance policy and determine whether it needs to be extended.

Regular property maintenance

Regular servicing of your boilers and pipes and frequent visits to check both the interior and exterior of the property can save you a lot of money in the long run, reducing the risk of severe weather damage, leaks and mould.

Manage utilities

Certain electric utilities should be switched off in a vacant property to reduce the risk of fire. However, during the winter months, it is a good idea to schedule the heating to come on in intervals to prevent mould growth. All smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm checks should also be up to date, and the inspection of these alarms should be a priority.

Ensure windows and doors are secure

This seems like a fairly obvious one, but it is always worth taking some time to double check the security of your locks before leaving a property vacant for a long period of time.

Firstly, there is no way of knowing how many times the keys to the property have been reproduced, so be sure to change locks between tenants to avoid squatters and break ins.

It is also important to reduce the chance of thieves being able to kick in your door. The simplest step here is to replace the screws in your strike plate and door hinges, as this can make a huge difference to these vulnerable areas. If you want to go further in keeping your property safe, fit a deadbolt or mortise lock – the most secure locks you can buy. A little pricey, but worth it for protecting your investment.

Remember your property is only as secure as its weakest window or door, so do not forget to check the patio doors and windows! A metal bar can be installed to keep sliding doors tightly locked at all times, and window locks and latches can be bought in most hardware stores and easily fitted.

Security systems

Whilst changing the locks should dramatically reduce the risk of thieves, security systems go one step further in deterring criminals in the area. 24 hour security cameras, Ring doorbells and HIVE systems, house alarms and security lights can enable you to catch any attempt of theft, even if the attempt was unsuccessful. Further, by advertising that CCTV and security systems are fitted in the property, you can ensure that potential thieves do not see your property as an opportunity.

Befriend your neighbours

Neighbours can be the most cost-effective guardians of your property. Let them know that the property is vacant and create a relationship with them so that they will keep an eye on it for you and alert you of any suspicious activity.

Book an inspection with EZ Property Reports

We know how much of a headache vacant properties can be for landlords, which is why we can do vacant property inspections upon request. We can check the general condition and safety of the property so you don’t have to, and provide you with a report of our findings. Contact us today to find out more.

Improve your marketing of the property

Improving the marketing can attract more potential tenants, which in turn will get the vacant property off your hands quicker. Here’s how we can help you with this:


  • – Property photography: Our top of the range DSLR cameras use specialised wide angle lenses to capture your property in the best light, giving it the edge it needs to stand out against other properties on the market.
  • – Virtual Staging: Using state of the art technology, we can virtually ‘dress’ your vacant property with a huge range of furniture to fit your vision and colour scheme. This makes the property far easier to market than photos of a boring and bland empty home, as potential tenants can actually imagine themselves in there.
  • – Floor plans: Offering standard 2D floorplans and 3D virtual reality floorplans, we represent every window, door, cupboard, partition and building structure in your property to give the tenant the most comprehensive view of the home.


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