Get your office in the Christmas spirit with these fun virtual party games!

The office Christmas party is one of the biggest events of any work calendar, but thanks to COVID-19, it is yet another event that has been replaced with virtual celebrations. With everyone suffering from ‘zoom fatigue’ having sat through one too many virtual pub quizzes and work meetings this year, it is important to make your virtual Christmas party a memorable one, and for all the right reasons.

EZ property Reports have put together some fantastic, morale-boosting ideas to make your virtual office party stand out from the rest. We want to try them all!

Online Tasting Experience

Whether your workforce are coffee fans, cheese fanatics or avid wine drinkers, a virtual tasting night could be a great way for your colleagues to unwind. Featuring personal packages delivered to your employees door and a connoisseur to walk everyone through the various tasting notes of each item, this virtual tasting night is almost as good as the real thing. What better way to polish off this unusual year by polishing off a plate of artisanal cheese?

Virtual ‘Through the keyhole’ party game

An especially good online party game for us folks in the property sector, you could get all participants to send in a video tour of their home so everyone can guess who it belongs to. All you need is some brave and willing participants! Better get tidying…

Virtual Horse racing night

Get the fascinator out for a virtual evening at the races – all from your living room! With many providers giving you the option of playing with real money or ‘fun money’, this is a great way to encourage some good-natured competitiveness amongst your team members

Online Magic Show

In person or over zoom, magicians are always a crowd pleaser. And with virtual magic shows comes the opportunity to see some slightly different tricks to what you might be used to!

Virtual Cocktail making or cooking party

From cocktails and chocolate making to pizza tutorials and even a three course ‘cook-along’, there’s a virtual ‘make your own’ night for every workforce. Your colleagues will be provided with all the ingredients to make a refreshing beverage or delicious meal at home, and an expert will talk you through the steps all together on a zoom call. At the end you will not only have a tasty treat to enjoy, but you will also have a pretty firm idea about which members of your team cannot cook!

Online Arts and Crafts classes

A similar idea is an online arts and crafts workshop, which will encourage your colleagues to get creative and learn a new skill. Whether it’s wreath arrangement or clay pot making, your colleagues will receive a kit with everything they need and will get an expert tutorial on the chosen craft over zoom.

Virtual escape room

Escape rooms are the ultimate team building exercise, and now can be enjoyed without leaving the house! Choose from a range of providers with different, exciting concepts to put on a virtual escape room that surpasses any regular quiz night.

Virtual Talent show

Now, this idea does require you to thoroughly ‘read the room’ when it comes to your employees. Some will be delighted at the prospect of showcasing a special talent or having a laugh with their team, whilst others will come up with any excuse to avoid it! If your workforce is made up of the former, set up some members of the senior management team as the judging panel and let the fun begin! Better make sure no one takes themselves too seriously though, or it could all end in tears…

A Zoom quiz… with a twist

Your Christmas party does not have to be all bells and whistles for you to have a great time. If you’re tight for cash, you can just treat your workforce to an afternoon of zoom quizzing – but we are not talking general knowledge! Make it interesting with games like “guess the baby photo”, play “guess who” with fun facts about colleagues or play a “Mr and Mrs” style game between team mates (but make sure they keep it good-natured!). Add an exciting prize and you’ll have a quiz night that even the most zoom-fatigued will not be able to say no to.


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