Heavy duty mould removers can be quite toxic and come with a whole host of warnings. For particularly stubborn mould patches, there might be nothing else for it than to attack the offending area with a mask, goggles and a mould removal product. But before you do, there is a whole host of natural remedies you can try, which may already be knocking about in your kitchen cupboards.

We have scoped the internet for the weirdest natural remedies for removing mould that we can find. If you have tried any of these remedies, please get in touch and let us know how effective they really are!

Baking Soda

Let’s start off with a fairly obvious one – baking soda. Is there anything it doesn’t solve? From descaling our irons and polishing our silverwear to removing carpet stains and whitening our laundry, baking soda has been our saviour more than a few times. Now it’s here to combat our mould problem.

Create a paste with 50% baking soda and 50% water and apply to the affected area. Use a small brush to scrub off the mould spots. Then, mix with water in a spray bottle and spray over the paste to form a protective layer. Leave to dry.

Tea Tree oil

This is a remedy that may be found in your toiletries stash or bathroom cupboard. As well as being a natural hand sanitiser, antiseptic for wounds and cuts, cure for acne and even an effective insect repellant, tea tree oil can also be used to remove the mould from the walls. It is a natural fungicide that can not only combat mould, but also has the strength to prevent mould spores from returning.

Mix the tree tree oil with distilled vinegar in a spray bottle, shake well and apply to affected area. Leave for 30 minutes to an hour before wiping with a microfibre cloth or dry towel.


The perfect excuse to buy another bottle! It’s for cleaning purposes, we swear…

Douse the offending patch with vodka, leave for an hour and wash off with warm water. Try to ignore the smell, and do not try this after a heavy night!

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Now this is one that you might not already have on hand, but after reading about its natural sterilising properties, we definitely will be investing in some! Containing liminoids and naringenin, grapefruit seed extract can kill bacteria in laundry, clean carpet spills and disinfect spaces. The acid penetrates the growth of black mould and prevents it from growing back. And unlike a lot of mould remedies, it does not have a scent.

Mix with water and use a spray bottle to attack the infected area. Leave it to work for up to an hour before wiping clean.

White distilled vinegar

Another remedy that seems as old as time itself. Its antibacterial acidic properties have got us out of a lot of tight spots in the past and that’s not about to stop. White distilled vingear is said to kill around 82% of mould colonies!

You can dilute it with water or just dive in and pour it directly onto the mould patch. Leave it to work for an hour and wipe off with warm water.

Lemon juice

Probably the sweetest smelling remedy, and arguably the strongest!

Juice three to five lemons and apply to the mouldy area. Alternatively, you could cut a lemon in half and scrub it directly onto the patch. Leave for five minutes before wiping with a towel.


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