An inventory report is a vital document for anyone letting out a property. Not only does it protect both the landlord’s finances and the tenant’s deposit, but it builds trust between the two. Here are six reasons why you should ensure that each of your properties have comprehensive and detailed inventory reports.

Gives both the landlord and tenant an accurate guide to the condition of the property

If you let numerous properties, it can be hard to keep track of every nook and cranny in every property you own. A comprehensive property inventory report helps you to keep track and take stock of the condition of your properties, allowing you to see quickly and easily which areas need attention. It also helps the tenant to understand the property they are moving into.

Helps to distinguish between actual damage and general wear and tear

Day-to-day living can cause the condition of the property to deteriorate, even with the most careful of tenants. Having photo evidence of the initial condition before the tenancy can help landlords to differentiate between signs of deliberate damage and unavoidable wear and tear.

Gives the tenants clear guidance on how to leave the property on check out

Different people have different ideas of what general cleanliness looks like. Whether you are requesting a ‘tidy garden’ or ‘clean carpet’ on checkout, you can almost guarantee that there will be variations in how people interpret this. And that is okay, but if you want the property returned to the exact standard you expect, an inventory report can provide clarity to the tenants and remove ambiguities in language.

Protects both the landlord’s finances and the tenant’s deposit

The tenant does not want to be losing huge chunks of their deposit to repair damages they did not do, no more than the landlord wants to be forking out large sums of money to rectify issues that were not there before the tenancy started. An inventory report can be the beginning of a trusting relationship between the landlord and tenant, as both parties can rest easy knowing that they cannot be accused of any defects that were already there on arrival.

Reduces the chance of disputes

With photographic evidence available to both the tenant and landlord, it is difficult for either party to argue against it. Inventory reports therefore minimise the risk of costly disputes and make for a smoother check out process.

Any disputes are rectified easily

Whilst inventory reports dramatically reduce the risk of disputes, nothing is 100% fool proof, and disagreements can still arise in some cases. On the rare occasion that they do, you can rest-assured that the comprehensive photographic evidence provided in the inventory will enable the dispute to be rectified easily and the appropriate resolution will be reached.

Our conclusion pages provide a clear and accessible report of changes in condition and whether our clerks believe each change is fair wear and tear, tenant responsibility or for the landlord to address. These reports are a great aid to our landlords when dealing with dilapidations.

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